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Cryo Facials: Experience the power of cold. Using pressurized nitrogen vapors applied to the scalp, face, neck & chest to help stimulate & improve the overall appearance of the skin. A series of Cryo facials helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, shrink pores & boost Collagen production. You will feel a cold stream of nitrogen that is refreshing, relaxing & soothing. 

Cryo Spot Treatment: In place of ice baths or ice packs, Cryo spot treatment can be used for a specific area to improve mobility, decrease muscle inflamtion or help speed up injury or surgury recovery time. 


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Lashes: Throw away your mascara! Welcome to your new addiction! Wake up feeling & looking ready to take on the day. Eyelash Extensions are applied with proper isolation keeping your natural lashes healthy & strong. Giving the appearance of having mascara on without the hassles of doing it. Maintenance requires touch ups every 3 weeks for one hour. 


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Organic Facials: Come relax & indulge in a facial. Treat yourself, your skin deserves it. Each facial is custom to each clients needs, leaving you hydrated & refreshed. With a neck, hand & arm massage you'll feel refreshed & revitalized. All products used are hand crafted & organic. Featuring DNA skincare line, local & Organic. 

Love the skin you're in!

With temperatures as low as -240 degrees F! 

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Cryo Facial - Cryo Spot Treatment - Organic Facials - Eyelash Extensions

Featuring: DNA Skincare local & organic. 


“I love indulging in a facial with Cryo & then getting my lashes touched up all in one place, I feel pampered & refreshed!"

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